Building and shaping golf courses has always been a passion of mine. I learned early on that the best golf course designs evolve in the field, where conceptual plans can be tailored to fit the terrain. A small wrinkle in the ground might suggest an interesting approach contour that was not visible on a large scale topography map, a natural sandy scrape might be a great starting point for a dramatic bunker. My fluid design process, and understanding of on-site creativity, allows me to take advantage of opportunities that other architects and shapers overlook.

I have worked in nearly every aspect of golf course construction and maintenance, on some of the best courses in the world. From that experience I’ve come to understand that how you build a golf course is a major factor in how successful the design will be. Each step in the construction process has an influence on the final product, and without people that really care about the design working at every point along the way, something will always be lost. That is why I take great pride in spending lots of time on site, keeping an eye on every detail from rough shaping to the final finishing touches.