My interest in golf course photography grew from the need to document the unique characteristics of golf courses I visited around the world. I wanted to capture each detail so that I might better remember them all, and perhaps be able to apply them to my own work sometime in the future. I also wanted to capture the experience of being at all these places, the feeling of standing on a windswept links as the sun goes down, the quiet perfection of an old parkland course.

A by-product of these efforts is that I managed to take some very nice photos along the way, mostly because I’ve spent a great deal of time in some very beautiful places. I’ve used many of these photos to illustrate my writing, or as a way to explain an architectural concept. On special occasions I’ve acted as a professional photographer for clubs that liked how I saw their course. Most of the time, however, golf course photography is just another way for me to study design and to share what I’ve seen with people that are also interested in golf course architecture.